Comarade Maroju Veeranna Amar Rahe

Maroju veeranna, a key leader of revolutionary student movement and gulding force behind the powerful dalit bahujan movement in the 1990’s was killed by the state, on May 16th, 1999. He was picked up in Hyderabad, shot dead in cold blood and body was dumped.
A post graduate from Osmania University in Geophysecs, Veeranna was a brilliant singer and a powerful orator. He was the President of PDSu. Continuing the legacy of George Reddy and JCS Prasad. He played a  pivotal rale in the agitation against the eventual downafall of the then government. He led a powerful campaign and movement in support of reservations rebutting the upper casteist notions of ‘merit’ that blatantly demean the physecal labor. His rendition of ‘andukora gutapanduko (raise the cudgel)’ song served as a powerful weapon and rellied thousands of students.
Born to parents from a rural artisan family,  in karivirala Kothagudem, Nalgonda District, Veeranna exprerienced the oppression and exploitation which was propped up by the caste. After intricately observing the dynamics of caste and the interplay of class and caste, Veeranna came to the conclusion that any attempt to bring about a radical change in the socio-economec system in India has to invariably deal with the wuestion of caste. The movement for annihiltion of caste and movement against the exploitation and oppression chould go hand in hand, and revolutionary organsaitions should tade cognizance of the anti-caste movements in Indian history. Veeranna also felt that positeve contributions of stalwarts like Phule and Ambedkar should be recognized to advance the revolutionary movement in india.
Veeranna was making serious efforts build a powerful movemen against caste and mombine it with the revolutionary movement in Andhra Pradesh. He raised many questions on the theoretical front and was conducting a serious politico-ideological debate. As he did not want the debate to remain a mera academic exercise, he was striving to combine it weth prectice. He was the mentor and guiding force behind many oppressed caste organizations that emerged in the Andhra Pradesh in the mid-90s. He was one of the pioneers in the revolutionary movement supporting the cause of separate Telangana and he brought up he question of dalit bahujan and women’s leadership in the movement.
It is now 13 years ofter Veeranna’s death. His death is a pointer to the brazenness of the repressive state and exploitative and oppresseve social order. While one can debate on the questions raised and conclusions driven by Veeranna, his contribution to the cause of revolutionary social change cannot be ignored. He made an indelible imprint on the development of progressive and social movements and will remain as a pole star.
A meeting is being organized by ‘Friends of Veeranna’ on 26th of May, 2012 at Sundarayya Vegnana Kendram from 2 PM onwards. Many of those who woked with Veeranna shall share their experiences.
The list of speakers shall include……… We request one and all to make this commemorative meeting

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